Latest snapshot breaks the start page link

  • Hi all, I have been using Vivaldi with FVD Speed Dial for a while now without any problems. I downloaded the latest snapshot (1.8.770.32) and it has managed to break this extension a little. Neither a new tab nor pressing the home page will load the FVD speed dial page up.

    I saw this thread in the forum about a similar issue, but using chrome://newtab/ does not work. Using the full extension path (chrome-extension://llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa/newtab.html#) does work for new tabs but not home page.

    If I did use chrome://newtab/ as a home page, if I select a bookmark, the speed dial page will briefly show up, before going onto the bookmark I just selected.

  • @spanakop
    Ugh... you right.

    When we add that chrome-extension://llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa/newtab.html# to Homepage setting. Vivaldi add prefix http:// in front of it. Even deleting the prefix, that address doesn't work in address bar.
    Use "Show full address" in Vivaldi Address Bar settings if you don't see it.

    On me, adding that same extension address as specific address in Tab settings, FVD show up as New Tab Page
    This bring weird behaviour to Vivaldi own Start Page, if I leave Homepage setting to Vivaldi Start Page.

    Almost identical to what you mentioned.
    After I set New Tab Page to the extension address. Start/Open Vivaldi own Start Page. As we know, it will show the default/usual page. But as we move to other Speed Dial page or back from non Speed Dial page, our extension page show up (in this thread case, FVD).

    I also test these scenario with "Speed Dial 2".
    You're the 3rd person I met who also got new problem with chrome://newtab.

    Maybe last snapshot fix vivaldi://newtab shows Google page (VB-3112) is the cause of breaking the chrome://newtab workaround.

  • Yes, it's a bit of a mess. I also saw the problem of "http://" being added to the to the chrome-extension://.... address. Deleting it made no difference unfortunately.

    I'm not sure if I need to raise this as a bug, or whether it will be picked up by Vivaldi staff in this forum.

  • @spanakop

    I'm not sure if I need to raise this as a bug, or whether it will be picked up by Vivaldi staff in this forum.

    I'm also not sure.
    chrome://newtab not pointing to Vivaldi Start Page was a bug. But it been used as work around. Chicken & egg problem.
    One of the mods probably will have more good pointer.

  • same here. current snapshot 1.8.770.32 no longer accepts chrome://new-tab which I was using with wunderlist new tab extension.

  • Moderator

    Developers have redirected access to the newtab address. They are working on options to make Speed Dial extensions work while "newtab" in Vivaldi does not take you to the Chromium version of New Tab.

  • @spanakop
    Until all of these problems settled;
    Try this:

    1. Update to newest Vivaldi 1.8.770.38.
    2. At Startup ~ Homepage ~ Spesific Page settings let it be chrome://newtab.
    3. At Tab ~ New Tab Page settings set it to chrome-extension://llaficoajjainaijghjlofdfmbjpebpa/newtab.html (FVD Speed Dial ID & page).

    The New Tab Page will load FVD Speed Dial Page as usual. But the Home button, it will splash Vivaldi own Start page for a milliseconds then continue to FVD Speed Dial Page.

    Also tested with "Speed Dials 2" extension. The only different is the ID.

  • @dLeon I upgraded to 1.8.770.38, according to your settings, but does not work. This problem is expected to Vivaldi staff can solve, can not use dial-up expansion really troublesome.

  • @alnhny
    Okay, seem my method doesn't work for everyone.

    You right, the proper way is to recognize 3rd party new tab extension since beginning. Not by any work around.

  • It's a bit inconceivable to me that after all this time, the bookmark sync is not operational. This is a browser aimed at power users, many of whom use multiple machines. But it is what it is.
    However, until the bookmark sync is in place, new tab extensions such as FVD or Papaly are the solution that provides always synced bookmarks. So a "feature" that removes this functionality is basically a showstopper since I lose access to bookmarks. It's been 2 updates since this issue has been introduced and no fix in sight. Please address this. It's not a minor annoyance. It's forcing me to use other browsers.

  • @Briarned Same as you。

  • @spanakop On a similar note, I'm back on 1.7.735.46 (the stable channel), and I have the home button set to take me to the speed dial page. This does NOT work from some pages. It works from settings ( have it set to open in a tab, not a window), but not from the bookmarks or history tabs accessible through the top of the speed dial. It also doesn't work if you're in a regular subfolder of the speed dial.

  • Looks like this is fixed in the latest snapshot (1.10.829.3), at last 🙂


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