Tab preview gets cut off when customized tab bar to the bottom

  • Once maximized the browser window and have tab bar at the bottom, tab preview show up cut off when mouse over the tabs.

  • Agreed. Tab preview still tries to show below the tab bar instead of above, so it doesn't show up properly.

    As a feature request, I would also like the ability to move the address bar to the bottom when tabs are on the bottom, below the tabs, preferably where the status bar is.currently when tabs are positioned at the top of the screen. Actually, it would really be nice to be able to reposition each of the components: the tab bar (top, bottom, left, right, left tree view, right tree view, none [keyboard navigation]), the address bar (top, bottom), and the status bar (top, bottom, left, right, none).

  • Moderator

    I sent some feedback earlier that it will be important to display previews toward the center of the UI from whatever position the tabbar is in. Below for top position, above for bottom position, left for right position, and right for left position. In this way the entire preview can be seen, and it does not, at the same time, hide adjacent tabs.

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