Is there a way to make links the same color as regular text?

  • Hi,

    I work with darker themes when I can as I have a sensitivity to light. SO my GMail is set up with a dark theme and well the links in Vivaldi are this very bright blue that doesn't play well with a slate gray background. I'd like to just turn off colorization for unvisited and visited links if I may.

    I like Vivaldi so far. Been having so many issues with Firefox I thought I'd give it a go.


  • @RAMWolff
    You use extensions like Stylish, Stylus, Osprey or any extensions which load userstyles? Then try something like this;

    a:link {
        color: #3366FF !important;
    a:visited {
        color: #CC33CC !important;
    a:hover {
        color: #CC0000 !important;
    a:active {
        color: #FF6600 !important;

    Point them to like you wanted or http:// & https:// to effect any pages.
    Tweak your own colors. What's above was my settings based from Solarized color if not mistaken.

    Or, use extension like Midnight Lizard. This a web page themer like tuning a TV. Link coloring just part of it. Obviously conflict with your own userstyle

  • Hi,

    Turned out to be an extension after all. It was the Text to Link one. So I uninstalled it. All is fine now.

    Not sure why I wasn't notified of your reply.... Sorry for not getting back sooner...


  • @RAMWolff
    No, problem. 😁


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