Hello All

  • I joined not 30 minutes ago, and after customizing my browser, and scrolling through some subforums I can say that I'm going to love it here. This browser is pretty much what I was looking for but, although I'm just now introducing myself to you all I would like to ask a favor. Just information, if you would like to start talking and compare notes, I'm crazy up for it.. Well maybe not just info that's up to you, code (+inner working and whatever else there is) isn't my strong point. I'm glad to get to meet a great new community. Thank you for having me.

    Edit: After a quick second of thought after posting, why not leave a few questions? Start some conversation.

    How do you store your passwords and sensitive data? I have a black notebook that is never out of my sight and I've got pages full, color coded with highlighters and all. 😆

    Whats your favorite OS, and Browser? Least favorite? My first favorite OS would have to be BlackArch for Linux. I love how many tools it comes with and even though I can't fully use every single one, I've always been a big fan of variety. My next and most recently discovered favorite OS would be Zorin. It's multi-platform (I'm pretty sure), but it was made to replace not just Mac, but also Windows and its pretty nice. My favorite browser is a dead giveaway. Vivaldi.

    Let me know what kind of setups you guys have, mine's ghetto but nice right now haha. Thanks again, can't wait to meet some people. Later everyone

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    Welcome in forum 🙂

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    @Holoway: For random chit-chat, there is a forum category called, oddly, Chit-Chat! https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/15/chit-chat ! For slightly more focused (but general) discussions, there are tech, security, and games discussions in the Lounge. https://forum.vivaldi.net/category/37/lounge .
    Otherwise, there are categories for each platform, for all platforms, and for various languages, in which to discuss questions, problems, hints and tips concerning the browser. Explore the Forum! Also, check out the Blog for the latest news and latest (not yet fully released) versions.
    And, Welcome aboard!


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