[BUG] shift-selecting multiple tabs also selects a separate tab stack

  • To reproduce, first you need to UNCHECK:
    -----Settings->Tabs->Tab Features->Open Tabs in Current Tab Stack
    so that if you're in a tab stack, new links open outside the stack.

    Next, create a stack of tabs on the far left of the screen. Let's say tabs A,B and C are in the stack, and tabs D, E and F are regular (unstacked) tabs off to the right.

    Within the tab stack (ABC), open a page link in a new tab (ctr+click on the link). We'll call this new tab 'Aa'. Tab 'Aa' should open outside of the stack to the left of tab D.

    So the current tab order is like this:
    [A B C] 'Aa' D E F

    Now try shift-selecting tabs 'Aa' through E. you'll notice that the tab stack also gets selected.

    The problem seems to be that the tab 'Aa' is still treated as part of the stack in the selection process, even though it's not physically in the stack. The same behavior occurs even if you re-position tab 'Aa' so it's not next to the stack. For example, selecting tabs E through F (including 'Aa' of course) with the order below, will still select the stack way over on the left:
    [A B C] D E 'Aa' F

  • I can confirm this - although it took me a while to get it.

    • 0_1489737912031_stack pic 1.png

    • 0_1489737955548_stack pic 2.png
      (ABC are now in one tabstack)

    • 0_1489738027632_stack pic 3.png
      (The tab "C-Wikipedia" is generated by a link I clicked in "C" )

    • 0_1489738726794_stack pic 4.png
      (I selected "C-Wikipedia" hold down "Shift" and left clicked on "E" which indeed also selected the tabstack)

    You should file a bugreport so some of the devs can have a look at this.

    Tested this with vivaldi 1.8.770.25 32bit || win 7 64bit


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