Sessions: Ability to save just tabs from only one window as a session

  • As a user who always has multiple windows open, the current session management is useless to me because it only has the option to save every tab in every window. The use case is the following:

    I typically have multiple windows open, one for each group of areas or task that I am browsing. Typically this may include one or more windows dedicated to shopping searches, for example, one window for each search of items in which I have a tab open for each item that I am watching over a few days (some tabs will have eBay auction items other tabs may have related Google search trails and non auction sites). It is very convenient to have them loaded in tabs as I typically switch back and forth between them and do not want to reload the pages every time. Even if I reopen the browser it is convenient because they are still ordered below each search as I left them only needing one click to browse each. Similarly, I will typically have a news session open in another window in which I have 20 to 30 news stories that I open in new background tabs from the headlines page. Ones will be open that I have not read or may be open because I want to reread it and review it. From one of those news stories I may open another window that just branches off of one news story to research related stories (including from links embedded in that story). I typically will have other windows open for whatever other tasks I am working one.

    This ends up being a lot of windows and a lot of tabs, a typical use case for a power user that Vivaldi is trying to curtail to. Leaving tabs open among multiple windows (one for each current task) is very convenient again because I can instantly see each tab I want to switch to each window and only have to click once to get to each tab. Nonetheless, having perhaps 4 to 5 windows open with 20 tabs in each becomes can slow things down machine-wise (CPU - Java Script in those pages running/RAM, etc.) and user interface-wise because operating systems (Windows Vista, 7, 8, 10, Ubuntu, KDE, Gnome) do not accommodate being able to switch between application windows with only one click when you have many application windows open. Thus, it is help to have a way to save one browser window containing a task that one is not currently working on in order to close that window. This is where the session management of the old Opera 12 used to be very helpful. In the old Opera 12 one could save all the tabs open in one window in a session, then close that window and get back to it later to be reopened with its tabs exactly as they were ordered. However, if I go to save a session in Vivaldi it only saves every tab in every window which is quite useless as I am only trying to close one window containing a single task while I work on a couple or more other tasks.

  • @DavidMichaelMorrell See the checkbox on the save session dialogue.

    0_1489662138851_Save Only Tabs in Current Window.png

    Specs: AMD A10-6800K, 8 Gb on Win 10 64-bit • Snapshot 1.8.770.25

  • @Pesala

    I am currently using 1.6.689.46, the latest available stable version of Vivaldi for Ubuntu. There is no checkbox present there in that version. I am glad to see that this has been implemented for 1.8. Thank you for catching this.

    I wonder if there is a way to remove this topic from this list to avoid having additional people waste their time reading this.

  • There's no real need to remove it. The answer may be useful to anyone who search for this topic. If you really want to delete it, you can flag your own post for moderation, and give a reason why you want to remove it.


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