Double stroke, more flexible keybindings

  • Hi! Thank you for your amazing work so far, you're doing a great job! I have searched the forum but didn't see anyone mentioning this. It would be absolutely fabulous to have the ability of assigning double key strokes to already available keybindings, similar to those used in Emacs. For example Ctrl-x Ctrl-n to open a new tab or Ctrl-x Ctrl-k to close the tab. Just having the option of creating keybindings like that would solve all my headaches with Firefox. I am sure there are a lot of linux devs who would agree with me. Being able to seamlessly navigate between your applciations using the same type of hotkeys is great, whether it's Emacs or Vi. Please kindly consider my request, thank you!

  • I recall Presto did support multi-keystroke shortcuts, though they really only used them in the mail client.

    I have no way to know what they will be able to do in Chromium, but I'm sure they'd be willing to try.

  • Chromium already has a number of plugins that allow such shortcuts and I have tried using most of them. But none of them actually integrate well with the browser itself and mostly aim at page navigation only. There isn't one decent addon that works well.

    A great example is the Keysnail addon for firefox, allowing full control of all browser funcitons, custom funcitons written in js, hinting links and completely flexible shortcuts. It would be great to have similar functionality in Vivaldi coupled with the current command bar.

  • It is absolutely amazing to see the amount of progress has been made since the beta started rolling and I am super excited about all the new features that were added to the build. A huge thanks to the team!

    I wanted to come back to this topic and apologies for bumping an old thread.
    Since the "single key shortcuts" were enabled, I was able to bring my existing emacs/keysnail configuration onto vivaldi, however double stroke keybindings are of course a huge part of it. Is there any information about this potentially be supported in the future? If this is not the right place to make a feature request, please point me in the right direction.

    I realise this is a rather low priority request, but nonetheless, it would be great to have it tracked or at least hear other people opinions!


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