Next Tab (Recent) and Previous Tab (Recent) by Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab

  • Since all browsers use these two shortcuts, along with Ctrl+PgUp/Dn, to cycle tabs, both pairs working in the same way, thus wasting a pair of shortcuts that could be assigned to something else, I think Vivaldi could innovate here by assigning (or at least letting us assign) Ctrl+Tab to MRU Tabs (Next and Previous Recent Tabs), independently of the Tab Cycling "Cycle in Recently Used/Tab Order" (which I set to Tab Order).

    I think it would still be intuitive as the two behaviors are the A and B of a same option. Maybe Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab could be, as an extra option, swapped with Ctrl+PgUp/Dn, but otherwise, I think Ctrl+PgUp/Dn should be kept for Tab Order cycling because it seems more fitting of the way it behaves now (my tabs are vertical, but still, I think it makes sense for anyone).

    Thank you.

  • Totally missing the option to do that myself.
    Big bump to this.

  • The right place for this is in the Feature Requests thread.

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