"Visited" pages don't remain visited

  • I'm doing some fairly intense work where I need to be able to go back where I left off. Oddly, Vivaldi will show the visited pages as long as I don't close it; when I do, my visited pages are no long shown as visited.

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    Could you be a little more specific? What do you mean by "visited" pages? Do they vanish from your browser's history or is it just that visited links are not marked as :visited in Google and other web pages after a browser restart? (FYI: all of that works fine here).

  • I'm used to browsers whose color for links of "visited pages" changes and stays changed during a shutdown and restart. FireFox and Chrome both behaves as expected, but Vivaldi doesn't (odd for a Chrome clone-ish browser.)

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    @AlJones: The indication of a page as "visited" relies on cache and cookies. I can see that a page I went to a couple of months ago was "visited."

    Do you run any privacy extensions?

    Do you do anything that would interfere with storage of cache or cookies?

  • @Ayespy The only extensions I run are AdBlock and LastPass neither of which should affect cache or cookies.
    (okay, AdBlock does but not such that it should affect visited pages)
    I'm doing a one name project for genealogy - it helps to know what I've already visited which lets me know - among other things - where I've left off.
    I like Vivaldi in that it's reasonably fast and much light than FF for the same project. I guess I'll have to figure out what I'm doing that's clearing cache.
    I wonder, on that note, I do regularly clear cache with FF - that wouldn't be cross contaminating things, would it?

  • Talking to myself, nope it isn't the FF cache utility (didn't figure it would be but just testing possibilities). Closed out V, opened up FF to check mail, cleared cache, reopened V and everything is still marked.
    What am I doing that clears cache / cookies??? (obviously talking to myself there)
    (Uh, now I see the "edit" ... )

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    @AlJones: Perhaps it will come straight if you refresh your profile.


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