Amazon and other video services need to acknowledge Vivaldi

  • Here is a example of a response I always get from amazon

    Bobby: I've checked and see that Prime videos are compatible only with the following browsers.

    1. Chrome
      M42 or newer
    2. Chrome
      Version 16-42
    3. Firefox
      Version 3.0 or above
    4. Internet Explorer
      Version 11 or newer
    5. Microsoft Edge
    6. Opera
      Version 31 or newer
    7. Safari
      Version 5.0 or above
      All the above browsers run on HTML5 except for Safari and Firefox.
      Safari and Firefox use Silverlight plugin to stream Prime videos
      You should be able to use if your new browser has and supports these plugins
      Me: can you fill a request because Vivaldi is technically based on chrome engine so it should work
      Bobby: Surely, I'll pass your comment to our Amazon development team. So that they will work on this web browser to make this as better in future.
      Thanks for your information.
      Bobby: It is also highly recommend when using HTM5 browser to update Widevine Content Decryption Module to it's latest version


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