Bad Rendering at SamanBank page

  • Hi,
    Vivaldi browser doesn't show password field to enter pass in my bank website so that I can't sign in by Vivaldi as image show and must use something else.


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    It appears here - tested in Vivaldi 1.7.735.46 / 1.8.770.25 (both 32-bit on Windows 10 x64).


    Here's what you could try (follow the steps one by one):

    1. Force reload the page and all of its contents including scripts, styles and images (by default: press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [R] or [CTRL] + [F5]);
    2. Open the page in Private Window (by default: press [CTRL] + [SHIFT] + [N] to launch a new Private Window or select Menu > File > New Private Window). If the page works in Private Window, then go to step 4.
    3. Disable all extensions (if this resolves your issue, then try enabling them one by one to check which one is causing the trouble);
    4. Clear browsing data and restart the browser if necessary;
    5. Refresh your profile.

  • Deleted post (didn't saw that there already was an answer)

  • Thanks. One extension made trouble.


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