Talking Vivaldi in San Francisco

  • Vivaldi Team

    It’s always inspiring to speak with like-minded people and hear their feedback about what we do here at Vivaldi. Spending last week in the San Francisco Bay Area and meeting fellow entrepreneurs, journalists and our users has given us lots of ideas to ponder upon.

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  • Wish I was there. Oh, someday we'll meet up!!!

  • It was great to finally meet Jon and Tatsuki in person at Nordic Innovation House! The audience was also amazing, true fans and technophiles!

  • @Zodius
    In Mr. Jon Twitter, he said he gave sneak peak for next version to you all there.
    So... yes... what's that... ? :grin:

  • Is there a video of the event?

  • @dLeon I am afraid that wasn't discussed at the Palo Alto meetup. Probably at other meetings he attended. :(

  • @Zodius
    No problem. :laughing:

  • Moderator

    @dLeon: I wasn't there of course, but either email or sync or both could have been previewed to someone at some meeting. Both are sufficiently far along to show to people, just so you don't let them play with it and get in trouble. And I think there's little doubt both will be in 2.x. (In fact if I had to guess, I would say adding email would in and of itself cause a whole-number version increment.)

  • @Ayespy
    Mail & Sync. I'll wait till they're really ready.

    I more looking forward for internal email though.
    I don't care about sync, I'm a manual person in this department.
    Every time I think I could rely to data sync there's always problems following me.
    Except email & news, Google sync, Firefox sync, Opera sync, Dropbox sync, others sync ever make my days in full agony.

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