Vivaldi in Distro

  • Hello!

    We are really surprised about this great and fast Vivaldi!

    It's a great browser.

    As we put Firefox the last years in our little Ubuntu/Linux Mint-based distro-project as the default browser, it breaks now the sound on our system while discontinuing supporting ALSA and switching to Pulseaudio as a hard dependency!

    So with our next release we have to choose another browser!

    3 questions:

    Will Vivaldi support ALSA in the future?
    -> our system is optimized for A/V-productions without Pulseaudio!

    As Vivaldi is closed-source and with a company behind:
    Is it possible to put Vivaldi in our next release?

    What kind of data is sending to facebook, google or other companys through vivaldi?

    Thanks for answering!

    and best regards,


  • Moderator

    @chalee: I sent your request backstage to the developers and testers, in case anyone is interested.

  • Merci beaucoup!

  • Moderator

    @chalee: The founder has asked one of the guys (Director of Business Development) if he would contact you.

  • We get no answer until now - but it doesn't matter!

    As we spoke in our team about it, we think that there could be a lot of complication (for you and us), because vivaldi is closed-source!?!

    So we decided to put Chromium, Palemoon or Midori as pure open-source-browser by default
    and give a note to our users, that they can install vivaldi by thereself easy.

    Privatly it's my new favourite browser!!




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