Please please PLEASE allow me to see ALL my Extensions!

  • I LOVE Vivaldi, but until it supports the user seeing ALL his/her extensions, it's a no-go for me, and I'll keep using Chrome or Opera.

    Sure, it's great that a recent update now allows you to make all your extensions disappear with a click. How about letting me click on that and showing me a pop-down list of ALL my extensions? Many extensions require you to click on their icon to work, and if they are hidden, then they are useless.

    I've been begging for this for months now. I bet I'm not the only person who want this "feature." (Shouldn't be a "feature" -- it's basic operability.) Speaking of which, Opera does this with a pop-down menu, although you can't rearrange the order of Extensions as you can do easily in Chrome.

    PLEASE ADD THIS FUNCTION! There's so much I love about Vivaldi, but I rely so much on Extensions, not being able to see them is simply a "no go."

    Thanks, and thanks for creating such a marvelous browser.


  • @mettarefuge
    Am I missing something here?
    Those extensions where I don't need the button, I can right click on and choose to hide.
    The extensions where I need the button can then be toggled to show/hide with
    vivaldi://settings/addressbar enabling "Extensions Toggle".

    I have opera-beta installed and the only pop down menu I see is...

  • @CantankRus

    The problem is if you have a lot of extensions -- and your window size is not big enough, you can't see all your extensions...they are cut off...the only way I can see the majority of my extension is to extend Vivaldi's window size to the full width of my 27 inch monitor.

    What I see is something like this:


    This is NOT all my extensions! And there's no way to see them all. Shrink the window even further, as I sometimes need to do, and and even more extensions are cut off and invisible.

    What I want to see is what I see in Opera:


    Note that in Opera I have clicked the chevron and NOW I can see all my hidden extensions for that size screen. No matter how small I make the window in Opera, I can ALWAYS see all my extension. But in Vivalidi, if I have a window at half my screen size, or smallerI will never see all my extensions...they are simply cut off..see first screen shot. The only way to see them is if Vivaldi finally adds what opera does -- a pop-down menu, as shown above.

    Does that make sense now?

  • @mettarefuge said in Please please PLEASE allow me to see ALL my Extensions!:

    Does that make sense now?

    Yes. You want an extender menu to show all extensions when you have a lot of extensions.
    Sorry about that... something I haven't come across as I only use 1 extension. 🤦🏻
    (I try to limit the access to my browsing history) 🕵🏾

  • Moderator

    @mettarefuge: More flexibility with respect to Extension buttons/icons/badges will be offered. It will take a while. My personal impression, tho, is running that many extensions is a recipe for a sort of terrible browsing experience. But then, I don't use extensions.

  • @Ayespy

    Hello! So glad that this extension issue will eventually be addressed, but sorry to hear it will take a while.

    Yes, extensions can be a big pain and are sometimes problematical...they can be big memory hogs, and some, like, say, Grammarly, can be real CPU hogs as well. In that sense, with many machines, resource devouring extensions can indeed be a "terrible browsing experience." But if you have the CPU/memory horsepower, extensions can make for a wonderful browsing experience. (My totally optioned-out 27 inch iMac Retina is such a machine, with 32 GB of ram, yadda, yadda, but I realize and have experienced that on many machines a browser can really struggle with too many extensions.)

    I don't use extensions just for ease of use. The ones I use are huge time savers. I use them for my work and research. The extensions I use most, for the great DevonThink Pro database program, for Evernote, or for OneNote, or Pocket, or for sending things to Kindle, are to me indispensable. They are not luxuries. Extension/Add-ons make my browsing experience superior on all the browsers I use. But I guess if one doesn't use extensions, such a feature as actually being able to see them all isn't even an issue. 🙂

    Although I was a programmer (way) back in the day, I have no idea if implementing a simple extender/pop-down menu to show all the extensions is a big programming chore. Sounds like it is, from what you say. Still, I hope adding it will be given some priority, because I bet I'm not the only extension guy/gal that uses Vivaldi and who finds this frustrating. Meanwhile, sigh, it's back to Chrome/Opera until this function shows up.

    (PS, if could just re-order the placement of the extensions in the menu bar, at least I could have my most-used ones placed where they wouldn't be chopped off when I make my windows small, and then, I would use Vivaldi, even if I couldn't see all my extensions...that's how good I think Vivaldi is.)

    Thanks for listening,


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