File > Print menu does nothing when clicked

  • NEW USER Using V 1.7.735.46 (Stable channel) (32-bit) Win 10, when I select the File>Print menu no other dialog appears and I am unable to print anything. I've looked at all the settings without seeing anything I might have missed.

    Any Ideas?

  • There have been very few reports of print problems - and afaik none that is like yours - so this might become some kind of pot-hitting game (one problem was solved after a windows reinstallation but I'll guess you don't want to start with this one ^^)

    So, first questions:

    • Does this happen with specific sites only or every site that you try to print in general?
      (If this happens only on specific sites please post a link to them)

    • Are you able to print the same sites you tried in Vivaldi from other browsers?
      (If yes please post which browsers you tried)

    • Just out of curiosity does the keyboard shortcut "Ctrl + P" show any results?
      (It shouldn't but who knows)

    • Are you using extensions?
      (If yes please list them)

    • Does at least "Ctrl + Shift + P" show some reaction?
      (This should open the windows standard print dialogue - this doesn't solve the problem itself but you'll get a workaround until this issue is resolved)

  • @zaibon Had a win 10 update this AM and now the File>print and CtrlP work.
    Go Figure...

  • Well, that didn't last long. I closed Vivaldi-made some coffee, reopened Vivaldi and again have the same issue. Cntrl P and File>Print do not open a printing dialog screen screen with Vivaldi

    I can print anything (Any web site) from Chrome I can't even open a print dialog with Vivaldi

  • Try installing the latest snapshot and see if print works for you.


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