After crash Vivaldi windows are not visible

  • Hey guys, after I have a crash in Vivaldi, my open windows are not visible. I cannot get them to show no matter what I do. This is kind of hard to explain, so I've got some screenshots.

    0_1489523735983_Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 3.31.10 PM-w800-h600.png

    This is right after a vivaldi crash. As you can see, Vivaldi is the software that is open right now, but the window does not show up on the screen, even though OSx indicates it is the current window.

    0_1489523802408_Screen Shot 2017-03-14 at 3.31.20 PM-w800-h600.png

    If I select the option in the dock to "Show all windows" This is what I see. The window is there, but the browser is not visible, and does not become so if I click on the Start Page "window"

    I hope this makes sense. I just restarted my computer and I still cannot see the vivaldi window, which means I can't use the browser until it's fixed 😞

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    @kathryn.crawford Wow, I've never seen that before. Are you able to get into Vivaldi / Preferences? If so, try enabling "Use Native Window" in the Appearance settings, then restart Vivaldi. If the windows render correctly using native widgets, try unchecking that setting and restarting again to see if things get back to normal.

  • @xyzzy I can get into preferences. I got it working again now, but I'll see if that helps in the future! It is a really odd issue to have...

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    @kathryn.crawford I'm glad that you were able to recover. Your screenshot was very helpful, by the way. Vivaldi normally draws its own windows, or it can optionally draw them with native widgets. In your case, it looked like it did neither! The rationale behind my suggestion was to reset back into any good state, hopefully without having to reset your profile.

    Were you doing anything in particular that triggered the crash or did Vivaldi suddenly decide to fall over? Could an extension have been involved? I know a few tricks that can cause a crash, and I forced several successive crashes, but could not replicate your circumstance despite my best efforts. That doesn't really mean anything; only that the crash alone likely didn't cause your problem.

    If you can replicate this problem reliably, I'm sure the Vivaldi team will be very interested to see a bug report so that they can prevent this from happening again.


  • @xyzzy It could have involved an extension I'm sure, I have a lot installed, but I was not in the process of using one when the crash happened. As far as I can tell it was just a random crash! It's happened about 3 times so far, but it hasn't happened again since I submitted this. If it happens again I'll be sure and take good notes! 🙂

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    @kathryn.crawford Thanks for the update. Since you're back up and running again, I'll tag this thread as Resolved. However, if you are able to identify a problematic extension, it can also be reported here:



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