Some useful new features and founded bugs...

  • Hello. I suggest some new useful features in browser:

    1. Add a Bookmark’s menu at the top line of a browser (as it was in old Opera).
    New bookmark’s menu

    2. Add a new menu item in Bookmark’s menu: «Open all links in new tabs» (screen above).
    In top line of browser options «Add active tab in bookmarks» and «Open all links in new tabs» will be more convenient.

    3. Save all tabs in browser. This is option in tab’s menu and in File menu’s.
    Tab’s menu

    File’s menu

    4. Save images with hotkey (custom hotkey).
    Save images with hotkeys
    5. Add drag and drop support (also make support for many files).
    Drag'n'drop support

    6. Add option that can get date and time of file creation from the server.
    7. Add a possibility to recover bookmarks to that position, where it was before delete.
    8. Add option in menu: Settings -> Keyboard -> View -> «Reset to default zoom».
    9. Add technical information about a secure connection and certificate (in older versions this feature was). Now it’s not very useful option, which lead to the Google Chrome support website.
    No information about secure connection

    10. Add option for domain name selection. For example, it may be selection bold for better viewing. (For example:
    No selection for domain name

    0_1489507392245_Image_01.jpg New option for address bar

    11. Add option that makes transparency at the top line of the browser and tabs. It will look better (For example in Mozilla Firefox).
    The transparency of the top window in Mozilla Firefox

    12. Add possibility to make corner rounding more. It will look better (For example in Mozilla Firefox).
    Rounded tabs in Mozilla Firefox

    13. Add customizable tab’s preview with possibility of change size (width and height), zoom ratio, display the address of the page, scrolling page (in preview), something else.
    Customizable tab preview

    14. Add customizable information about the webpage.
    A lot of empty unused space

    Example information of webpage in Mozilla Firefox

    Founded some bugs:

    1. Hotkeys in bookmarks doesn’t work (For example [Ctrl+C], [Ctrl+X], [Ctrl+V]). In older versions it work’s.
    2. After saving a webpage in folder name «_files», contain incorrect files with names (for example):,, and etc). Some files even without extensions.
    3. Little inaccuracy: popup menu doesn’t disappear when go to the link in secure connection «Learn more» and «Site settings».

    For example you can save the main page: and after saving you can see, that many files (in folder «_files») with incorrect extension «download» and other many even without extension (for example file «170x135» - it`s a jpeg image; file «ac» - JavaScript and etc)

    Ilya Shpankov wrote (citation from his article):
    «Yes, today is to come up with something new, something not found in other browsers, is very difficult…»

    I think it is not so. Users suggest many new features but, unfortunately, a most part of it stay without proper attention

  • @Nick_
    What's all of that... United States Declaration of Independence? 😆
    Most nice though. Some already requested.

    My suggestion;
    All requests currently goes here Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9
    First research a bit in that thread if some of your requests already requested & vote for them.
    If not, split all of your requests here & put it there, so others could vote them. Not all will agree with all of those combined.

    Bugs report already in right place.

    I think it is not so. Users suggest many new features but, unfortunately, a most part of it stay without proper attention…

    True. Also

    • No body want it
    • Few interest on it
    • Impossible.
    • It possible but it break other things
    • No body work on it
    • To hard & time consuming to do it right this second or
    • We already doing it or we plan to do it but it will need years to place them officially

    Are also true.

  • Another founded inaccuracy:
    In the search bar on the page is not visible the number of matches and part of the text.

  • @Nick_ the only issue I see is that the text is not highlighted every time, thus you are typing (pasting) behind the latest search etc…

    the issue you are addressing I can't reproduce it… does it happens all the time or some specific cases? any steps to reproduce it?
    W10x64 with latest x32 build

  • @ahoj1234
    I mean, that the number of matches is not visible (and end of text too) when you typed more than 44 symbols.

  • @Nick_
    Probably Windows only. I'm in Linux/Debian & couldn't reproduce that overlap in find box, either by typing my self or copy paste it.

  • Another inaccuracy with the anchor’s processing :

    When you click a hyperlink with an anchor or paste a link in new tab - everything is fine, but when you press key «Enter» in address field in the current tab (or reload a page) - anchor doesn’t work.
    After clone tab anchor doesn’t work too.


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