Crashes when denying notifications

  • Vivaldi crashes completely when I deny a website asking to present notifications in the respective dialog box of "allow/deny".
    It happened already with 2 different websites.
    I don't know if it happens in all platforms or just Windows since I just use the latter.

  • Yup. Happens on a bunch of sites. Often on streaming sites where they have all kinds different pop-uppy type ads and last up comes the vivaldi notification dialog and if you deny it the whole browser insta crashes.

  • Yes, this is also something I have seen, but don't remember the websites on which it happened...

    If you have an URL which easily reproduces the issue, I suggest you to fill a bug report ;)

  • @Guilimote
    I forgot the 1st website, and the 2nd one somehow isn't bugging me anymore with requests :P
    When I find more websites like that, I'll post the bug report

  • I have noticed this too, crashed on deny, using latest snapshot.

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