Remove Site Info Text

  • Tested on Vivaldi 1.7.735.46 ~ 1.8.770.25

    There's an old thread about this Partial siteinfo in addressbar
    But that didn't do it now, or I don't get it what's that suppose to work for.

    Notice the long Green Safe Text in address bar input box.
    This example is long enough. I ever met that even longer almost half of the box.

    With this;

    .siteinfo-text {
      display: none;

    We make it like this;

    Deeply sorry Vivaldi Technology. 🙇🏽

    You could always see the name again by visiting DevTools & kick "View certificate" in Security tab.

  • Using developer tools for this is a bit of a clumsy workaround. If you still want access to the site info text (which makes sense) you can simply display it on :hover

    .siteinfo-symbol:hover + .siteinfo-text {
    	display: block;
    .siteinfo-text {
    	display: none;

  • @luetage Yay! Really thanks Lue 🙂


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