How to reset flexible interfacecolor after update site icon?

  • Hai all.
    A question about the flexible color interface.
    I understood that (a base for) the color of the upper bars is the main color of the icon defined in the '<link rel="icon" ...>'.
    I updated the icon and I see that the icon color is used when used for the first time.
    BUT, on a computer that already has used the previous version, the old icon is still used in the tab and the old color is used for the navigation and bookmark bars.
    Where is this information stored and how can I force an update or remove that information?
    I have tried to cleanup almost all private information but that did not work.

    I appreciate your help.
    Regards, a3ano

    Please note:

    1. I do not want to disable the behavior. Just want it to be more responsive or just have it updated in an easy way.
    2. I am using Windows version 1.8.770.9 (Officiële build) (64-bits).

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    For some reason, it works in Private Window (theme adapts to favicon's color), but in a normal window, I can't change the theme color by updating the favicon. However, this works in normal windows, whereas it doesn't work in private windows... 🙄

    <meta name="theme-color" content="#ccff33">

  • @pafflick
    Thank you for your helpful reply. 👍
    I did some testing and can confirm your information:

    • It works in a private window.
    • Using the meta tag works.

    So for the time being I may need to fallback on your suggestion for the coloring of the bars.
    For the icon however, the old (ugly colored) icon stays active somewhere.

    Waiting for other information.
    Has someone already filed a bug for this?
    Maybe I need to file a bug regarding this. It may be quick to store it somewhere but you should be able to remove/update this information.

    Regards, a3ano

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    @a3ano I've deleted the test page from my server yesterday. Today I've uploaded it again with a different favicon and it shows the current favicon correctly. Perhaps it's because it's stored in a different path. I tried changing favicon to another file stored on the server (without deleting anything) and it worked correctly. Maybe that's the problem? 🤔

  • @pafflick
    Thanks again for your reply and the testing. It helped me greatly.
    Your hint about the (path) name did the trick.

    I changed the link to a different path and now both the bar color and the icon have changed.
    Fortunately I have an editor that allows to batch change the icon reference link.

    I will compose a bug report to inform Vivaldi development about your and my findings.

    Regards, a3ano

  • Here is the text of the bug (nummer 26708) I promised to submit.

    Site icon and Flexible Interface Color are not updated

    The window bars (Navigation and address) adapt to the sub page icon color.
    However when the icon of the subpage is updated, both the color and the icon are not updated.
    The old icon and the old interface color keep the old version.

    Removing private content does not solve this and there is no (known) way to clear that cached content.

    The only way I got the icon and the color to be updated is to change the icon path in the icon metadata.

    Initial situation
    Brownish version of icon cb.png in http : // www.XXXXXXX . nl/carolien/
    Main html file with <link rel="icon" href="cb.png" type="image/png">, all sub files with <link rel="icon" href="../cb.png" type="image/png">.
    No icon named global 'favicon'
    Page tab shows brown icon and bars are brownish.

    Blue version of icon cb.png in http: // www.XXXXXXX . nl/carolien/
    Main html file with <link rel="icon" href="cb.png" type="image/png">, all sub files with <link rel="icon" href="../cb.png" type="image/png">.
    No icon named global 'favicon'.
    All private and system content (except cookies) since last day cleared.
    Page tab shows brown icon and bars are brownish.
    When opening the icon in a window, it shows the blue icon.

    Two labor intensive resolutions:

    1. Partly solution. Use <meta name="theme-color" content="..."> in ALL html pages. Color of bars change but site icon is not updated.
    2. Relocate icon to other path and change icon-link in ALL html pages.


    1. Provide a browser mechanism/setting to force an update of the stored site icon and the stored bar color. Useful for development.
    2. Implement a mechanism to now and then (once per four hours?) to check the active icon and the color. Useful for end users.

    It is a pity to have such a nice browser feature that blocks itself when the icon is (by accident wrong or on purpose changed).

    Regards, a3ano.

  • Hi all,
    An update.
    Today, the icon and the color of the interface have changed.
    Don't know what the trigger is. I presume that there is some mechanism to refresh the (icon) database.
    Don't know if it is a timeout (that could be way smaller than days in my opinion) or whatever else.
    Could it be an update of the browser? Good luck I am working with a snapshot 😉

    Success with making the best browser I know.

    Regards, @


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