non-loop Tab cycling

  • Hi,

    Whenever one is cycling through tabs, mainly on ordered sequence, it may happen by accident that one can move from the last tab on sequence to the first as if they were connected. It may be not so helpful for some people...

    I use quite a lot the thumb wheel of my mouse to cycle and from time to time jump from the left most tab to the right most and it is quite undesirable, for when you are moving to the last tab you might not want to control precisely the movement of your finger or personally in my case, Im always with some pinned tabs along with others that I want to keep hibernated. After vivaldi cycled through them I have to stop whatever I was doing to bring the mouse pointer into the tab(s) and hibernate it again. It's a small thing I know, but after sometime it can be very annoying.

    I would like to request a check box to avoid this "loop behavior", so one couldn't go further left after the left most tab (or right).

    I would like to leave my best regard to the team because this vivaldi browser is cleary unmatched by any other.... all this web browser thing, vivaldi just nailed it

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    Try using the keyboard shortcuts instead: "Switch to Tab 1 ... Switch to Tab 8 ... Switch to Last Tab." In settings, Keyboard, Tabs, you can assign your preferred shortcuts.

    Please post feature requests in the Feature Requests thread.

  • @Pesala thanks... I will see about this keyboard tip and move the post to the proper thread

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    @Conrad0 - I'll close this one.


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