Bug: Minimizing Vivaldi and then restoring it flashes toolbar color to greyscale

  • Minimizing the Vivaldi browser and then restoring it to its previous size (clicking the Vivaldi icon in the taskbar) causes the tab bar to flash to greyscale, occasionally take a couple of seconds to be usable again, and the resumes its original tab color.

  • Thanks! I merely read the forum category description ("Discuss Vivaldi browser for Windows. Report issue and share your suggestions and pro tips with other Windows users.:), saw other bugs posted, and assumed it was here that I did so.

  • I dont know if its bug or expected behavior (changing color, not freeze).
    If you take focus at another windows program, and vivaldi is in background, it goes to grey, so it does not distract attention from focused window.
    I guess it could/should be turned off for minimize action tough because its not necessary.

  • Vivaldi actually performs differently if you do as you suggest and take the focus away by making the focus be on another program. In that case, it just turns grey and doesn't seem to freeze. However, if you minimize Vivaldi and restore it, it does sometimes freeze along with turning grey.


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