bug | Vue devtool extension

  • Vue developer tool isn't showing the output at all.
    Chrome is fine.


    Can somebody try that too please?

  • Link to the extension would be helpful if you want people to try it, can't find this on the chrome store. Also in your picture you are using google chrome, not vivaldi, therefore it doesn't work on chrome either?

  • Hello, thank you for your reply.

    I have tried it in Vivaldi and Chrome, but only Vivaldi can't resolve vue-devtool ext. There are both browsers on the picture.

    But if you are not Vue developer you can't help me anyway :D


  • I have the same problem as @Alenn and would really like to see vue-devtools work in Vivaldi. The extension developer suspects it's a difference in the extension API between Chrome and Vivaldi. Is there any documentation on differences? Also, the background page for the extension doesn't show any errors or other console output. Source for the extension is here

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