Google Docs Apps Open Blank Tab

    1. preview a PDF file in Google Docs
    2. click "Open With" button on the top to see the drop down list of options (see attached image)
    3. try opening any of the apps in the menu
    4. blank page opens instead of the connected Google Doc app

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    You can report this bug here. I don't use Google Docs myself, but I've seen other people complaining about this too...

  • @pafflick Reported as VB-26548, thanks!

  • Are ya kidding me? You can't open and edit Google Docs file using Vivaldi? Really? Yeesh Vivaldi. That's pretty basic stuff. Reported the bug.

    Between that and not performing native OSX functions, I'm about to just give up and go back to Safari or Firefox. Dangit.

  • @shoeless That is not what I meant by my post. You can edit Google Docs fine, but you just can't open them using connected apps.

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    @shoeless: Yeah, no. Not "pretty basic" stuff. A lot of code has to be written to make Vivaldi compatible with Google stuff, because Google patches Chrome extensively to work with their proprietary apps and formats. Further, Vivaldi doesn't use a Chromium-related or OS-related UI, which makes things still more complicated. Things that are "pretty basic" tend to work in Vivaldi. Things which don't work, mostly are not "pretty basic," but actually require a lot of coding for Vivaldi developers because of how the browser is built.

  • I have not had any issues with google docs, however after clicking other links in an email often results in a blank tab, even though I can see the page has loaded. When moving the cursor around on the blank tab, it changes occasionally to a 'hand' signifying ( I guess) it has passed over a link embedded in the blank tab. If I click on it vivaldi opens another tab, loads the page, but that too is blank. I think (without having actually counted) that this happens about 50% of the time.

    Mac OSX 10.11.6

    0_1489850163629_Screenshot of Vivaldi (2017-03-18, 11-15-28 AM).jpg

  • here's an example on the 'Best Buy' website.

    0_1489850466345_Screenshot of Vivaldi (2017-03-18, 11-20-00 AM).jpg

  • To be more specific ... it happens regularly when clicking a link in an email using googles inbox product. it does not occur when clicking the link in the apple mail client.

  • @pbedouk
    You're reporting Mac Vivaldi in Windows subforum. :grin:

    Your sample site, show up empty in Linux/Debian Vivaldi snapshot & stable also in Firefox, Chromium & Opera, all latest version.

    Vivaldi & Chromium DevTools console only give these message:

    • Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 504 (GATEWAY_TIMEOUT)
    • Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 406 (Not Acceptable)

    Either we both got DNS problems or those websites has problems.

  • Sorry about the forum!

    Those links all work properly on my iPhone, Android tablet, the Apple email client, and the Chrome and Safari browsers. Just not with Vivaldi.

    I've reported it a bug.

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    Got the same problem here

  • Moderator is broken on all browsers.

    Problem of the website not browser issue. Contact support to report broken site.


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    @zodius said in Google Docs Apps Open Blank Tab:


    The problem of Google Docs App is a reported and unfixed issue where Vivaldi can not use Google Sign-In. VB-11317 "Chrome Sign-in doesn't work"

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