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  • This is not just another request for bookmark sync. I am asking for help with a workaround. I think that I once read that someone on Linux was able to have their Vivaldi bookmarks synced by having Vivaldi automatically save it into the bookmarks for Chrome or Opera, but I don't remember where I read it, and it was probably more complicated than that. So, my question is, is this something that can actually be done? And, if it can, how? Also, does it work on Windows? (I do have the developer feature on Windows that allows me to use bash as if I was in Linux, but it is very limited. If the method requires Linux, could I possibly do it with this feature?

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    @pewm-pewm: My workaround for now is XMarks.

  • Me too
    Also it works across browsers
    I use it on Firefox + Chrome + Vivaldi

  • @Ayespy Thank you for that Xmarks guidance.....Made things so much easier .. appreciate your presence on this forum good suggestions and wise counsel always😄


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