Linux Office Suite(s)?

  • Do you use an Office Suite in Linux or do you have a separate favourite Word Processor, Spreadsheet, Database, Imaging programs? If so which one(s)? There do seem to be plenty of options. Open Office was my first choice but after several issues (on Windows) I switched to Libre Office and have stayed with it when moving to Linux.

  • LibreOffice satisfies my word-processing and spreadsheet needs well.

  • LibreOffice all the way.

  • Word processor? Surprisingly, I like Abiword for that - surprisingly since I'm generally a KDE fan while Abiword is considered to be part of the Gnome desktop.

    I'm still not sure what the difference is between LibreOffice and OpenOffice … OpenOffice is provided under an Apache license while LibreOffice is under the GPL, whatever that means to real people I can't say. There are other office suites - both commercial and open-source. Generally KOffice (yes there is an official KDE office suite) isn't worth the trouble, the others I haven't looked at ...

  • There is one file from my office each week that LibreOffice won't print properly but Gnumeric does.

    These office suites do a lot for helping me to interface with my Windows-centric office.

    sgunhouse, I also like Abiword. :)

  • Vivaldi Team

    Yes, LibreOffice is the my main office suite. Earlier I used Abiword too (when used Gnome instead KDE), but it was many years ago.

  • @sgunhouse:

    Word processor? Surprisingly, I like Abiword for that -

    Not surprising - it is an excellent product.

  • libre office on Xubuntu and seven

  • B) To cool for you guys I use Calligra (KDE here)
    By the way I also use Abiword sgunhouse it is an excellent product.

  • @DestinTheGreat:

    B) To cool for you guys I use Calligra (KDE here)
    By the way I also use Abiword sgunhouse it is an excellent product.

    "Calligra", I will have to look into that one. Rings a faint bell from somewhere…

    Looks impressive. Databases, Project Management and Mind Mapping built in. I like that.
    I will have to devote some time next week to evaluate this further.
    Thanks for the tip.

  • Textmaker

  • I use SoftMaker Office and OpenOffice.

  • LibreOffice is my favorite on Linux.

  • LibreOffice on all my computers. :)

  • LibreOffice my favorite

  • Kingsoft Office looks like more modern than LibbreOffice for me. However I use both of them.

  • LibreOffice for me.

  • Considering switching from MS office to LibreOffice.
    ( I've been using M$ Office a lot and tried OpenOffice a bit.)

  • I use Abiword and gnumeric speed is important to me.
    Don't use the OpenOffice group too slow and cumbersome.

  • libre office is my prefered choice for basic tasks. however, when writing a book/fiction/nonfiction/scripts, get scrivener. its in a beta form for linux and is free for now. it is regarded as the best software for books. i'm using xubuntu and had to get it from the source site (its not in ubantu's software center).

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