Loading time of the album pages

  • Today I uploaded a bigger album. The upload process went smooth but as soon as I wanted to navigate through the album and through the images it became slow as molasses uphill in winter. Some things I noticed: The preview images in the albums are saved as >100 kBytes JPG images with a width of 1280px. The width of the JPG image displayed in the preview box is only 520px, which would result in an about 50kBytes download, even at high quality. The same goes for those tiny 34*34px thumbnails at the left side which are saved as 128px wide JPG files with a size of >7 kBytes each. While they should be loaded from cache if the user looked at the album preview before, some browsers suck and don't do it like that. This results in the site weighing >1MBytes which takes thanks to the multiple requests (roundtrips) and way too big sizes about 3-5s to load at my 6MBit connection. I think even viewers wit a high ppi screen will not necessarily see a real difference if the preview images and thumbnails are smaller... Additionally the preview images in the album overview is JS only - which is a complete nightmare in terms of accessibility, makes the page load way slower than it needs to be and breaks client side caching. Going back from the single image view to the album overview by clicking the browser's back button reloads the whole page, which takes up to 15 seconds at my connection. That is very slow for such a little amount of information.

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