Not open the last session (different error)

  • I've seen some other posts with the same title but mine is a different error (unless I've missed one post lol).

    The problem is when I need to open Vivaldi, it doesn't open at all it shows the miniature but when I click or use the ALT+Tab it doesn't open the Vivaldi windows so the only way I can use it is opening a new window but that way I never get my last session restored.

    All that started after I installed the snapshot version, even with the new update it's having the same issue.

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    I haven't had that issue ever, but here's what I would try:

    1. Start Vivaldi. If the window is not visible, but its processes in the Task Manager are running, try focusing the window with [ALT]+[TAB] or [WINDOWS]+[TAB]. It won't be visible, but it should be now focused.
    2. Press [Left ALT]+[SPACEBAR] to either Restore or Maximize the window.
    3. You can also try pressing [WINDOWS] + arrow keys to try to bring it to the screen.
    4. Another approach: Press the [Left ALT] key alone to open Vivaldi's menu and choose File > Save Open Tabs as Session > the dialog won't be visible, so you just have to type anything (as a name of the saved session) and press [ENTER]. Now open a new window ([CTRL] + [N]), press [ALT] + [TAB] to return to the "invisible window" and press [ALT]+[F4] to close it or do it via Vivaldi's menu ([Left ALT] > File > Close Window) to make sure you're closing the right one. Restart Vivaldi. If the window opens in the visible area of the screen, you can restore the saved session.
    5. If none of the above helps, you might have to refresh your profile.

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  • @pafflick @Ayespy OMG, you're a genius it completed worked! Thank you so much guys!


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