Where does Vivaldi store your Login/Password information?

  • Hello, I trying to copy my Login/Password infomation that Vivaldi remembers to my other machines.

    I cannot seem to find where it's keep this, I presumed it would of been somewhere in User Data\Default folder where it stores the Bookmarks file.

  • @Spiderkeys
    First, enable chrome://flags/#password-import-export; restart Vivaldi.
    Then visit vivaldi://chrome/settings/passwords.
    You would see export-import buttons.

    Like Chromium, Vivaldi put the data in "Login Data" file (if not mistaken). The folder is what you already guess.

    The export file is plain CSV file, really plain. It contain your real view Passwords. So please be careful.

  • Moderator

    @Spiderkeys: You can't move passwords to other machines. They are encrypted using a key tied to your unique user ID on the machine where you have it installed. (To be fair, you can move them, but no other machine or user can read them.) You have to export them to a clear text database and then import them to the other install on the other machine.

  • Thanks, I see it's a bit of work, but it worked in the end by @dLeon suggestion, and yeah at first I thought I could simply copy Login Data along with Bookmarks but this of course didn't.


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