vivaldi open chrome://startpage at start if open last session is selected

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    as the title says vivaldi just open chrome startpage (which is google) if open last session is selected...this while it should open tabs arleady opened when closing and the speed dial in case of no tabs...

    just reporting the bug but in case is needed i'm using fedroa workstation 25 with latest snapshot

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    Can't reproduce that.

    You didn't set anything in Startup~Homepage & Tabs~New Tab Page?
    Any extensions you use?

  • Vivaldi Translator

    it seems it was related to my other bug...completely gone after a reboot...

  • I think it's started with the 1.8 snapshots, I can even reproduce that (or something similar) in Windows7 here, just run a 2nd time Vivaldi while the 1st is still running, a new window with chrome://newtab (instead of the speeddial) is shown

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