I want to implement a custom address bar. Where can I find a guide or example code to do this?

  • For me, one of the most interesting features of Vivaldi is that it is hackable and its various components can be customized.

    But looks like there is no official documentation available to do so yet.

    Recently I wanted to customize the address bar to fit my needs better, but where can I find a guide or example code to do this?


  • @BeOS
    This an explanation of extra files (fix version);
    Unfortunately need to redone every update.
    I hope one day Vivaldi at least could access user customization from anywhere else not in root area. It's rather a problem for Linux.

    Most of modifications idea goes to;

    This's mine, the only tweak for address bar. It remove that green looooong name for https.

    /* Text shown after padlock/earth icon in address field */
    .siteinfo-text {
      display: none !important;

    Making DevTools access Vivaldi UI you would need to start Vivaldi with
    --debug-packed-apps --silent-debugger-extension-api

    All Vivaldi default stylesheet is in common.css.
    I don't what's your system, but look for this file in Vivaldi installation folder, ..\resources\vivaldi\styles.


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