Page will not change

  • I use this browser a lot. Here's an issue I have:

    When I make changes to a localhost webpage I am creating, the changes don't always happen on the page. For example, I changed a background image color and it did not change. Refreshing does nothing. Deleting the cookie does nothing.

    Windows Edge browser always updates the webpage with even the most minute changes. Why doesn't Vivaldi do this?

  • Press Ctrl+F5 to force page reload, i.e. override the browser cache. I don't know (or remember) the specifics about caches and why this happens in some instances and not others. If you're serious about web design or programming, you should take a look at Developer Tools (Ctrl+Shift+I). There you can see what happens when you load a page and what responses the web server gives, like when it tells the browser that some file hasn't changed and doesn't need to be downloaded again.

  • In DevTools settings there's a tickable "Disable Cache" (while DevTools is Open).

    There's a long standing complain about none updating cache around Chromium/Chrome. Work around come & go.
    There's an extension that clear cache on every page opening. I don't remember its name.


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