Vertical tabs change size when others are closed

  • I have a really irritating 'feature' of vertical tabs in V 1.8.770.9 (Official Build) (64-bit). Whenever I close a tab, all the other non-pinned tabs become a few pixels shorter, and so 'shuffle up'. Visually it's quite distracting and also makes closing a few tabs together really hit and miss. I've not idea what's causing it, but note I have a lot of tabs open, so that the overflow the left side of the window. Perhaps that's got something to do with it? Attached are before and after shots, where I close the blank 'Start Page' just below the active AWS login page. Before, the tab height appears to be 37 pixels, and after it's 30. When I then switch focus or change tab, they all jump back to the original 37 pixels again. Anyone else got this? Or even better, a fix?



  • Do you have the setting "Align Next Close Button" active ?
    Go to:
    Settings --> Tabs --> scroll to the section "Tab Handling" --> activate "Align Next Close Button"

    This option stops resizing of the tabs as long as your mouse hovers over the position where you closed the last tab and the close "x" of the next tab should appear directly under your cursor.

    If this should not work you could instead as workaround activate "Close Tab on Double Click"

  • @zaibon Gah! I didn't get any notification about your reply - sorry! Yes, I did have that set, and clearing it fixes the problem. I'm really confused what that option does then - apparently, the opposite of what its name suggests! Anyway, thanks for the tip.

  • @dsl101 Happy to help, but deactivating this option fixes this for you? o_0
    I mean great that it works for you but this should work the other way around... at least that's what I thought so far


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