Right click options for extension icons

  • Whish to have the same options in the right click menu on extension icons as in Chrome (i.e. very useful to be able to "Hide in Vivaldi menu" and put the icon in the the drop down menu instead, or also to remove or disable the extension).

    Please implement this, thanks!

  • In the latest snapshot versions you can hide all extensions when you activate the option in
    "Settings --> Address Bar --> Extension Toggle" via 3 vertical dots that appear to the far right of the address bar you can show or hide the icons.

    You also get an rightclick menu on the extension icons which looks like this:

    0_1489150668397_extension options.png

    Or did I misunderstood you and you were searching for something else?

  • @zaibon
    Since some versions back, Chromium/Chrome hide actually only throw back the icons into last index & show the icons that way in their three dots drop down instead really hiding them.

  • @nilzon
    We still has problem with that icons index in Vivaldi. It's not move able with any mean. And just show alphabetically in their ID order.
    Your request is nice though.

    I pass a new post here somewhere that mentioned icons ordering in test version. Of course no ETA.


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