Lay out of Vivaldi Users Blog

  • Frankly surprised. Sorry, but I have to say: negatively surprised.

    I remember the blogs of My Opera users. You opened the link and immediately had a panoramic, comprehensive view of themes, authors, categories.

    Here you open the link and bump your nose against a eye patch, which is the current subject of the blog, that you have to scroll down until it is over, to see what are the subsequent subjects and the authors. One by one. No, no, no. You can not be happy, as the people of my country say.

    I suspect I'm maneuvering the page awkwardly, not knowing how to handle it. Or is it purposely designed as it is? If so, I ask a pious soul who has the patience to explain to me why.

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    @Quinca71: I'm having trouble understanding what difficulty you are having.

  • @Ayespy

    Thank you for your attention.

    Maybe I won't know explain less badly. But, let us try it.

    As I have said, here I open the initial page of users blogs, and what is shown to me is the blog of an user, generally the last current subject.

    I have to scroll down all this blog, for, only then, the next subject be shown to me. And so, one by one of the subjects. That is, what I would desire is a general initial overview of the content and the authors.

    Like in the Vivaldi Team blog, for instance, and like was done at My Opera Users Blog.

    Got It?

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    @Quinca71: I see. As I understand it, no real attention is being paid to the user blogs right now, because they are going to be moved to a new platform.

  • @Ayespy

    Yes, thanks. Forgive me for having, absently, lost Vivaldi's phase.

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