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  • Frankly surprised. Sorry, but I have to say: negatively surprised.

    I remember the blogs of My Opera users. You opened the link and immediately had a panoramic, comprehensive view of themes, authors, categories.

    Here you open the link and bump your nose against an eye patch, which is the current subject of the blog, that you have to scroll down until it is over, to see what are the subsequent subjects and the authors. One by one. No, no, no. You can not be happy, as the people of my country say.

    I suspect I'm maneuvering the page awkwardly, not knowing how to handle it. Or is it purposely designed as it is? If so, I ask a pious soul who has the patience to explain to me why.

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    @Quinca71: I'm having trouble understanding what difficulty you are having.

  • @Ayespy

    Thank you for your attention.

    Maybe I won't know explain less badly. But, let us try it.

    As I have said, here I open the initial page of users blogs, and what is shown to me is the blog of an user, generally the last current subject.

    I have to scroll down all this blog, for, only then, the next subject be shown to me. And so, one by one of the subjects. That is, what I would desire is a general initial overview of the content and the authors.

    Like in the Vivaldi Team blog, for instance, and like was done at My Opera Users Blog.

    Got It?

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    @Quinca71: I see. As I understand it, no real attention is being paid to the user blogs right now, because they are going to be moved to a new platform.

  • @Ayespy

    Yes, thanks. Forgive me for having, absently, lost Vivaldi's phase.

  • Due to the structuring of blogs within the current platform, I ask permission to put some comments and suggestions on this.

    I think the naming "Community Blogs" can be changed to "User Blogs" (or something like that).

    Especially for new users, it would be a more accurate and immediate understanding. After all, the Team is also part of the community, albeit on a higher level. The naming "Blog of Users" (or similar) would give greater and faster understanding for the separation between "Team Blog" and "Community Blog".

    To be continued

  • This post is deleted!

  • Continuing

    In the community link, already since the header, a descending tab would be added, already containing an immediate direction for one or the other link. Each in its own time.


    My indication may not be technically possible the way I'm suggesting it in the picture. However, perhaps otherwise it can be implemented.
    What I'm wishing and suggesting is that the user can go directly from the Community link, or to the Team Blog link, or, alternatively, to the Users Blog link (this one to be created), eliminating the need for traffic through Team Blog.

    To be continued

  • I was, there are just few minutes, taking a promenade along Community and Forums links and can notice that all the ensemble is moving. So, from now, I will take a rest and put myself as an observer.
    It can be much thing I desire and am suggesting is, already, being made, certainly within a form still better than I reach to think.
    For the while, the My Opera users blog format and structure are a nostalgia, and its excellence seems lost and unreachable.
    But, this is not for what I cheer. What I cheer for is that "Viva" will surpass all this and, thus, my heart come to glisten of rejoicing.

    To be continued?

  • My optimistic hopes and vows made above should give way to my realistic view of what exists and, as a result, I give up.

    Why does Forum and Community have such a congested layout, so mixed, where the current highlights (timeline? schedule? I am not very aware of the most commonly used designations ) occupy the whole space, and if we want an overview of the general content at a quick glance, is totally impossible? For that path, it seems to me "personal users blogs" (awkwardly called "community blogs") is going.

  • In recent days, I've added suggestions and comments, mainly focused on the layout of user blogs - run scroll bar

  • Take a person with a reasonable general knowledge of the Internet, but has never seen Vivaldi Browser.
    Open Viv on the "Browser" link, show this person and tell him / her the browser has a blog for users. Give the mouse to this person and ask him / her to find the blogs for users.
    I am able to bet that he / she will not be able to find the user's blogs, or, will do so only after a long time. In this case, as soon as he / she leaves, will not be back again, nor quickly neither easily.

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