Browser become slow to respond and 'clunky'

  • Hi, I think I was told about Vivaldi by 'Gizmo Freeware site', and it is refreshing to have a browser that is cleaner and simpler than Chrome, firefox etc.

    However I have found that after a short time Vivaldi struggles with a couple of gaming (horse racing) sites i use. these being &
    It most like the code or java they use....i guess

    Has anyone know of a fix it or reset program for vivaldi, or alternatively any news on planned enhancements for stablility?



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    @lethal42: I have not seen Vivaldi struggle or become slow to respond on any sites, but if you wish to "reset" Vivaldi, you can refresh your profile.

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    @lethal42 The browser performance is dependent mostly on your computer's performance. Of course, there are also other factors, like the number of other programs running in the background, the number of opened tabs, the number of running extensions etc.

    Take a look at this thread: My Settings Tweaks to Speed Up Vivaldi - maybe you will find some useful tips there.

  • Thanks guys, I didnt get any advise of your posts...I will have to check my profile.
    I will certainly refresh vivaldi. (later advise i was missing a checkbox now fixed)

    The PC I am using does run a number of programs (up to 5 at any one time), however these are common and the PC has plenty of grunt i5 with 16GB ram!

    Trust the issue will be less so going forward.

    On another issue...I was offer to join the dev group via webmail sign that all there is to it?
    As I have a great suggestion for them....




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