Prepaid suggestions in address autocomplete

  • Any way to turn them off and use like normal ? It's just ridiculous: for example when i start typing with «s» browser will suggest some site which i never even visited and not going to, but ignores which is visited a lot. And there are tons of such examples.

    This is very annoying, like the only flaw in this great browser. No other ways for developers to cash out on users?

  • Moderator

    @Anwtf: In settings/address bar, under "address auto-complete," deselect "always prefer bookmarks." If that doesn't do it, then delete the offending bookmarks.

  • @Ayespy Thx! Looks like right solution. Much appreciated.

  • @Anwtf

    No other ways for developers to cash out on users?

    Sure they could start showing you ads in speeddial after every update or even worse start selling our browsing data - would this suit you more?
    Vivaldi generates income by preinstalling a few bookmarks and suggesting a few searchengines. And neither of them are fix in the browser so you still can decide if you want to keep them, use them or just delete them. (And they don't reinstall with every update like in some other browsers)

    This is just a personal suggestion but to keep this project running, from time to time I just use the preinstalled stuff (yes not everything is useful to me but maybe you even get stuck with a new site / searchengine that you never even tried otherwise)
    On the other hand I sure can understand that the bookmark suggestions may break the workflow for some users.


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