Expand menus without re-clicking.

  • This is, at the moment, the one feature I miss the most in Vivaldi.

    I will do my best to describe the use case:

    • Click on a menu item (File, Edit, or a bookmark folder at the Bookmark Bar);
    • The selected menu expands;
    • Realize you wanted another item, e.g., you clicked on "File", but now you want to expand the "Edit" menu, or while using the Bookmark Bar, you want to expand a folder different from the currently expanded one;
    • You move the mouse cursor to the desired menu;
    • The menu should automatically expand and list its contents.

    It works like this on basically every interface available today on any platform. Chrome, IE, Firefox, Opera, etc, have this behavior. Except Vivaldi, on which it is necessary to re-click the other menu to have it expand. It feels very counter-intuitive as it now.

    Could this be feature be implemented?


  • Moderator

    @cofer It's a very old bug/feature request, that has been reported many times. No doubt it's difficult to fix or it would have been done by now.

    If you hide the Browser Menu Bar, and use the Vivaldi Button menu instead there is no such problem. The menus and submenus open on scrolling with the mouse cursor.

  • Heh, not only do you have to click another folder/menu, but you need to click twice... My guess is that it isn't that difficult to fix but the menu-style interface isn't in development focus, but rather an afterthought, until there's more time to hone it. In some apps, like Firefox, the menu bar is necessary because you can't access all functionality through other means, but in Vivaldi you can. The current GUI design fashion really shuns traditional menu bars.


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