Arch Linux, new pacaur install, blank tab contents

  • I recently switched from Slackware to Arch. I finally installed pacaur to be able to automaticly install packages that are not in the repositories, per se, but are in the Arch User Repositories. First thing I used it for was to install Vivaldi.

    Problem is, it will only display the tab contents on the first tab opened, and any tabs which open automaticly from the first tab. If I open a second tab myself and enter a URL, the tab body remains blank, even after it's downloaded all of the page requisites. This even happens if I enter a different URL in the first tab.

    Clearly, it's downloading and able to render the contents, because it correctly generates the thumbnails for the pages for the speeddial page. I started customizing my News speeddial page and the thumbnails look fine. Clicking on it, though, opens a tab which stays blank.

    Also had an issue when I started out. I selected the dark theme and thought that was the issue with blank tabs, but it happens on light as well. But, in the dark them, the settings popup is also blank. Perhaps black-text-on-black-background syndrome?

    Once this blank tab problem is solved, I'll also be wanting to achieve the Vivaldi equivalent of installing AdBlock+, Request Policy, Ghostery, and NoScript.

    I'm running a fully upgraded (pacman -Syu/pacaur -Syu) Arch Linux with GNOME 3 running on Wayland.

  • GNOME 3 running on Wayland

    I would suggest sticking with X for the time being. 😉 Wayland is very cool and all but driver support is still maturing.

  • @CathyGarrett
    This's interesting. Running a Chromium based browser in Wayland.
    I'm not expert in compiling, but isn't Vivaldi need to be compiled with wayland libraries to start with. Which, it wasn't.

    I'll be amazed if Vivaldi with different GUI than Chromium/Chrome will run in wayland at all. As far as I know, on most system, Chromium it self still buggy in xwayland & doesn't run in weston.
    I assume you have Intel card with Ozone/Intel patch to Chromium if it does run. Because, the upstream Chromium wayland (per 2016) is not even half quality of Ozone. Even Google Chrome won't touch it yet.

  • I dunno what happened, but my pacaur built vivaldi running on wayland has started behaving properly. No more blank tabs.

    Go Arch!

    And no, I'm running wayland on an AMD Radeon HD 6670 card. Haven't had any complaints so far from GNOME apps, X apps, or Wayland apps, other than PulseAudio has stopped functioning properly, though to be fair, it never truly functioned properly.


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