chrome://settings and vivaldi://settings

  • I have no previous experience with using Chrome or Chromium and I just started using Vivaldi. Of course the first things I do with any new software is open the settings and click on "Advanced" and go through everything setting it up. It was only by accident that I discovered the additional settings under chrome://settings which gave me granular control over global settings for privacy such as disabling geo-location requests browser-wide.

    I asked on Twitter about why the chrome://settings weren't found under the regular vivaldi://settings and was told that I shouldn't be messing around in the chrome://settings. This is frustrating because there are lots of useful settings in the chrome settings that I want to use.

    What is the official word about accessing the chrome://settings screen? Is there a risk of these settings conflicting and causing problems with the vivaldi://settings? Are we safe to change the chrome://settings?

    Further, are there any plans to merge both of these settings screens in to one uniform settings page instead of keeping them separate?

  • @rosco9
    As also a user.

    I don't see any major conflict.
    The content settings page (such where location setting placed), is also used by Vivaldi. You could access that page either by clicking globe/padlock icon in address bar & hit "Site Settings" or visit chrome://settings/content (vivaldi://chrome/settings/content)

    Vivaldi share some if not most that Chromium settings.
    If you not notice it already, any change to Privacy settings & Fonts also change same settings in Chromium settings page.
    Some settings (still) only accessible in Chromium settings page.
    I think any Chromium settings are just normal settings. It's not dangerous like changing Firefox about:config. It's chrome://flags (vivaldi://flags) you'll need to watch out.


    • Last Chromium 57 update does make a hiccup to "Offer to safe your web password" to Vivaldi. With some people (me not included 😁), it make Vivaldi keep asking save for password if its ticked.
    • Any Bulk downloader extensions honor Chromium "Ask where to save each file before downloading" instead Vivaldi one with rather same name in Vivaldi settings.

    Also like you, I hope all these settings mess would be merge beautifully someday.

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    @rosco9: There's no reason not to use chrome://settings. We have to direct some users there for settings that are not yet incorporated into the Vivalidi UI. This is a work in progress. Everything a user needs will eventually be incorporated into the VIvaldi layer - but not yet, unfortunately.


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