Remember my Clear Private Data preference

  • I like to clear my Private Data from time to time. When I do this I generally want to clear everything from all time: passwords, cache, cookies, history, downloads, etc. When I open up the Clear Private Data dialog box I have to use the dropdown menu to select "Everything", then I have to tick each box separately.

    It would be nice if this dialog box remembered my box ticking and drop-menu selection from the previous time I cleared this data, or if there was a single button to click called "Clear Everything".

  • @rosco9
    Already fixed in Vivaldi 1.8.

  • Oh great.

    Sorry, I'm new to Vivaldi and these forums. Should I be commenting here if I'm on the stable release or are the forums only for beta? (Because I'm using the stable I didn't know it was fixed).

  • @rosco9
    It's okay. 😄
    You're in right place. No Stable or Beta/Snapshot separation here.


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