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  • Changelog: VB-3277 Add link to plugins page. Both menu's & quick command VB-3252 Regression: Delete bookmark broken VB-3208 Rename rpm&deb packages, stable->preview & unstable->snapshot VB-3162 Delete bookmark item in context menu not working on BM/Panel VB-3153 extension selftests failing after fix for VB-2632 VB-3078 Issue Report: Tab preview thumbnails stretched VB-2929 Show/hide address bar VB-2884 Option to place address bar on bottom VB-2767 Cookies not shared between tabs in all cases VB-2644 Keyboard : Flash : Manic Miner does not work VB-2641 Downloads panel toggles state with each new transfer VB-2439 Thumbnails fail when adding speed dials VB-2370 missing category for search engines VB-2178 Regression : Thumbnails missing at startup VB-2174 Cannot reload 2nd thumbnail VB-2090 Downloads panel should show filename (Windows) VB-2033 Clicking on area above + button (New tab) minimise the Window VB-1678 Missing default bookmark thumbnail VB-1677 Unable to delete bookmark using keyboard VB-1455 Broken web pages lack thumbnail and favicon VB-1231 1 Display open tabs in the Window submenu VB-3167 Black tab color looks bad on some sites VB-3147 Fix our UA string VB-3125 Issue Report: Using backspace in text inputs initiates "back" in certain websites. VB-3096 Removed Panel resize handle in collapsed state VB-3094 Tweaking accepted color contrast so that e.g. gets blue bg VB-3035 Not possible to close window after changing search selector in searchfield VB-2923 Multiselect Bookmarks does not work on Mac VB-2900 Issue Report: In the search options, Wolfram Alpha has a typo. VB-2825 Add developer tool to tools menu VB-2744 add a resize handler to search field and adjust width to the translated text automatically VB-2608 Allow to hide search field on tool/url bar VB-2493 The Vivaldi menu appears on wrong monitor with a dual-monitor setup VB-2298 Settings window - position VB-2225 It should not be possible to open more than one settings window

  • Was mache ich bloß wenn Ralf-Brinkmann mal im Urlaub ist ? :pinch:
    So faule Menschen wie ich die nicht immer nach Updates suchen stehen dann auf dem Schlauch.

    …wieder einmal Dankeschön ! 😉

  • Guggsdu hier.


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