Browser frustratingly slow after the last update

  • After I first installed Vivaldi, it was working well, but after one of the latest updates (not sure if the very last or earlier), every operation that involves opening a new window can take several minutes to complete. For example:

    • opening a second window
    • moving an existing tab to a new window (when I tried to do it with a YouTube video, the sound still kept playing with no ability to shut it down other than killing the whole process in Task Manager)
    • saving any file (it shows up in the Downloads list, but nothing is happening after that; only after some time a Save window pops up)
    • sometimes even starting Vivaldi at all (when nothing happens, I open Task Manager and kill the process; then, after I double-click the icon again, several windows open and I can close the ones I don't need again)

  • Moderator

    Backup your browser profile.
    Try to reset your browser profile as described in

  • Thank you. It worked. Copying the User Data directory didn't want to work for some reason, but cutting and pasting did. I started Vivaldi, closed it and ten moved the files back. The browser works much better now.

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