How can I download video's from Social Media Channels?

  • Mostly I used facebook, twitter, Instagram, linkedin and many more. Can anyone here to help me out with this?

  • @allenadams

    The best program by far is IDM (Internet Download Manager)
    There is a lot of info on that in this forum.

  • For nerds:nerd:geeks is enough with the built-in Developers Tools.

    TV websites, videos by streaming, forums, etc...effective in most times.

  • What i always do is, that there is a tool which if you google facebook video downloader, you will be able to just copy the link from your social media and download as mp4 file. I usually do it for facebook and no other social media.

  • About downloading Facebook and YouTube videos, you can try AmoyShare Free Video Downloader. It's online video downloader. So you needn't download or install any software or plugin. Even more, you needn't register any account. In here, you can download videos for free with URL or some words. It's the easiest way to download videos. You can have a try.

  • The tools i use also do not require me to install or download the tool, i just put the link to be downloaded and it is quite easy process. Use

  • Vivaldi Translator

    There's plenty of free cloud services like that.

    From video/audio, torrent as HTTP/S, full website, save to any cloud drives, etc.

    Hint: Search something like Cloud Web Downloader (your favorite site).

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