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  • I know this has been mentioned before, but I'm bumping it as a new request since it was buried in an early thread about the new forum software:

    Please give us the option to theme this forum in anything but blinding white!!!

  • Moderator

    Yes, for my eyes it it is too much white.

  • You could use this browser extension.
    Midnight Lizard
    Peek 2017-03-06 23-02.gif

  • @mossman
    While waiting this properly addressed, why we dont use userstyle? 😄

    Apply this against https://forum.vivaldi.net

    .category>ul>li:not(.unread) h2 a,
    .profile-meta strong,
    .write {
        /* font-family: 'Ubuntu', 'Arial', sans-serif !important; */
        /* Solarized Light
        color: #073642 !important;
      background: #fdf6e3 !important;
      background-color: #fdf6e3 !important;
        color: #fdf6e3 !important;
        background: #073642 !important;
        background-color: #073642 !important;
    .form-group post-search-item,
    .tag {
        color: #073642 !important;
        background: #fdf6e3 !important;
        background-color: #fdf6e3 !important;
    .formatting-group li {
        color: #fdf6e3 !important;
    /*.emoji-container a, ul[role="tablist"] li a {
    	font-weight: normal !important;
    } */

    Obviously not complete yet.


  • @dLeon maybe I'll look into this when I have some free time.

    @CantankRus - I avoid using extensions since I'm a believer in the old Opera principle that a well-designed browser shouldn't need them. 🙂 In fact I only have uBlock (since Jon has made his position clear on ad-blocking).

  • @CantankRus Ha ha ha! Okay, I was thinking about just how many stupid plain-white sites there are out there and suddenly Midnight Lizard seemed like a good idea after all! 😃

    I'll see how it goes on this work PC for a while... I'm curious if it messes up the look of any sites too much.

  • @mossman Hmm... I'm already not liking it.

    What I want is to mark out a few sites which I would change to a darker theme - what Midnight Lizard seems to do is make everything the same by default and force me to whitelist all the sites I want to leave in their natural colour schemes (which is 95% of them).

    Unless there's a setting I've missed...?

  • @mossman
    I'm playing with that extensions too.

    To get what you want.

    • Select "Original (none)" from drop down. Hit "Set as Default".
    • Just hit "Apply" colors after you select color theme to specific site you want. The top most header will show where were you right now.

    That's a weirdest whitelist/blacklist I ever met all this time. Still, it work

  • @dLeon Ah right... okay, I'll try that tomorrow.

  • @dLeon , @mossman , @CantankRus
    Sorry that my extension got you frustrated:)
    If you have any ideas how to make it easier just tell me. I already tried it by adding new black/white-list toggle right on the website label. Is it better?

    BTW: Vivaldi has a bug that prevents confirmation massages from displaying inside extension popup so a lot of Midnight Lizard functionality is unavailable for Vivaldi users. I reported this bug to Vivaldi half a year ago! They replied after a month but the problem is still there!

  • @pavel-agarkov said in Dark theme:

    If you have any ideas how to make it easier just tell me. I already tried it by adding new black/white-list toggle right on the website label. Is it better?

    Ah hello there. 😄

    For me, your extension already perfect. Hence I don't ask anything anymore.

    prevents confirmation messages from displaying inside extension popup

    Is that affect the confirmation popup like when we hit "This" or "All"?

  • @pavel-agarkov sorry, I stopped using the extension after a while. If a site has its own dark theme (like YouTube or DuckDuckGo) then I will choose that, but otherwise I found sites would often look "wrong" if they weren't designed for different colours.

  • Thank you @dleon
    For "This" it would work, but you cannot execute "All" and create custom color schemes. But most people might never notice these limitations since you still can use prebuild themes and apply custom themes for particular websites or as default theme for all websites - you only cannot use your custom theme on multiple websites (except if you export it to the file and then import when you are on another site where you want to use it...:))

  • @mossman yeah - especially old website doesn't look well! But modern websites should be good! That's great when websites have their own dark theme but I haven't seen any website with multiple themes or any kind of settings to adjust brightness or saturation. So for some people my extension still can help. Initially I developed it for myself since I have color vision deficiency.


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