Tabs won't load in the background

  • Hello everyone,

    After recent update I have problems with tabs. After I click a link to open in the background the tab won't load until I select it. I have automatic discarding of tabs turned off and before the update everything was working just fine. Any ideas what can be wrong?

  • I can't reproduce this (tried it with different sites) does this happen only to specific sites (if yes please paste an url) or does this happen to all websites you open in a new background tab?

    As I understand it this shouldn't affect each other but does Settings --> Startup --> untick "Lazy Load Restored Tabs" resolve this issue?

  • I played a little bit with my tabs and noticed that it only affects tabs with flash. Flash won't be loaded until I select the tab. I noticed it on site with webcams. I open certain webcam in the background and the stream is not opened until i manualy select the tab.

  • Good to know that this seems to be a flash based problem so this narrows it down from several possibilities but I am afraid I can't help you any further because I don't have flash installed on my pc at work.
    Oh just one more question do you use any extensions that might interfere with such sites? Adblocker, https everywhere, video speedup / download helper, etc.?

  • I'm using Ublock origin and Ghostery. But it wasn't the problem before. It started right after last update couple of days ago.

  • Ok, I know what was wrong 🙂 In order to have flash automatically load in the tab I had to set it in the options that are in the address bar (little globe on the left). There I set Flash to be always allowed in the domain. Thanks zaibon for Your input 🙂

  • @krypl3r Happy to help and glad that you found the reason for this behaviour


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