When will we have settings sync?

  • Can you specify when can we expect settings syncing?
    My bookmarks database is growing and I do not want to loose them.
    Moreover I would like to share them with my stationary computer.

  • export/import bookmarks is there if you really need it.

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    I wonder the same. We need bookmark syncing, history syncing and syncing browser settings. And not just some browser settings but ALL settings.

    Google Chrome doesn't sync some settings and that is annoying.

    Also want to get rid of xmarks so I can remove that extension.

  • As with all other feature requests, we will get sync when it's ready.

    Sync and easy backup of settings are already in the Feature requests for 1.8 / 1.9:

    Easy export/import/backup of user data

  • It's being worked on really hard, but it's not ready yet.

  • Great. Just to let you know I've asked the same question 5 months ago. So its a bit iritating how long it takes.

    Anyway. I'm not going anywhere. It's still the best browser ever.

  • @Martinezz123 - The fact that it's been under development for 2 1/2 years, and is now finally at the testing stage, is encouraging. Once we start testing something, you know the basic code is at least finished.

  • Meanwhile, there are extensions you can use for syncing bookmarks.

  • @witchtech said in When will we have settings sync?:

    syncing bookmarks

    Sound interesting. Does anyone have experience with this extension:
    Bookmark Manager Speed Dial _ Papaly?


  • I would really stay far away from third party syncing extensions, you just don't know what information your giving them.

    I'm patient, i made a ahk script to run at startup to copy my bookmarks file to my Dropbox if filename is newer than the old, and if not newer it insteads copies it to its Vlalidi's User folder and overwrites the old.

    Works ok, but it enough to keep me patience for Vivaldi's stable sync release.

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