How to pass a link from Opera 12 to Vivaldi?

  • since the youtube videos dont play in opera 12 anymore (any idea why?),
    i want to pass a link via the right click menu of opera to vivaldi.
    as i understand i have to edit the menu.ini of opera, but how exactly and can the link be passed to vivaldi directly?

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    in own menu.ini add:

    [Open In Menu]
    # Please comment the unneeded lines of other OS with a #
    # for Linux
    Item, "Open in Vivaldi"="Execute program, "/usr/bin/vivaldi", "%u""
    # for Windows
    Item, "Open in Vivaldi"="Execute program, "C:\Program Files (x86)\Vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe", "%u""
    # for Mac
    Item, "Open in Vivaldi"="Execute program, "/Applications/", "%u""
    [Link Popup Menu]
    Include, Open In Menu
    [Document Popup Menu]
    Include, Open In Menu

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    great, thanks.
    what does the "include" line mean?
    shouldnt i just enter the item line fully also under the other pop up menus?

    and is there a way to pass a search text directly to vivaldi search?
    especially for youtube then..

    any idea why the youtube playing is broken in o12 and/or how to fix this?

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    Include means: include from a different section (here the Open In Menu section) of menu .ini.
    Useful if you dont want to always repeat/copy&page to add some settings and may be forget something by mistake.

    Yes, you can omit the include lines and add the Item, "Open in Vivaldi"... line in each Link Popup and Document Popup section.

    Do as you like.

  • @Gwen-Dragon
    is the %u variable for a complete url or a marked text?

    i tried
    Item, "Search Vivaldi Youtube"="Execute program, "D:\vivaldi\Application\vivaldi.exe ",
    "", "%s""
    to search a marked text with youtube, but its just opening youtube.

    what would be the variable for marked text?
    is there a list somewhere with all the variables?

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    @schreck %u means URL of link or page.

    There is no macro for a marked URL.

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    This works for me on the Page context menu, but not on the link context menu. It just sends the page URL to Vivaldi, or Firefox, etc.

    0_1488737346204_Open In Menu.png


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