Vivaldi starts "off screen"

  • I ran into a nasty bug, my Vivaldi will always start "off screen", ie inaccessbile for me. I always have to start it twice, because the second instance will show normally on my screen.
    I just noticed this today because I had a video running in a second browser instance and it started playing as soon as I loaded up vivaldi...

    What I think happened: I often make use of the "more than one browser instance" feature by dragging&dropping a tab outside of Vivaldi. It's often a lot easier to view more than one tab at the same time without messing around with the tab placement.

    I then closed the browser (or maybe I shut down Windows without closing them?) and now the first instance will always start off screen. I can see the browser instance if I use Alt+TAB, but I can never get it to actually show up on my monitor.
    Interestingly enough when I click on the Tab with my mouse the Vivaldi Menu will show. If I chose "Full screen mode" the browser instance does indeed show up, but that's all. Closing full screen and the browser disappears.
    Closing the browser does have no effect, it will start off screen next time again.

    This is definitly something the devs should look into.

    EDIT: I found out that deleting the default profile in %localappdata%\Vivaldi\User Data helps solving this problem. But I don't know exactly which files here store the brower's location... I tried deleting anything with "session" or "tabs", but so far haven't found the culprit.

    EDIT again:
    Ok, it has to be one of the files stored directly in the Default folder, not one of those subfolder entries....

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    If the initial window opens out of the screen, you could try focusing it (by pressing on its taskbar icon) and then pressing the [WINDOWS] key along with one of the arrow keys or using the [ALT] + [SPACEBAR] combination to open the window menu and maximize/restore it from there.

  • That's just it: It doesn't have a taskbar icon, that's why I never noticed it was running there until a video started playing in the hidden window.

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    @LordHorst Oh, that might be a different issue then, but since you were able to focus that window with [ALT] + [TAB], have you tried pressing the aforementioned key combinations then?


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