Dragging a thumbnail of SpeedDial causes incorrect thumbnail's location

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    Environment: Windows x64 and high resolution display. Vivaldi x64.
    When I drag a thumbnail after scroll down SpeedDial, the locations of each thumbnails become incorrect.
    I guess that one value or some values in formula doesn't consider the factor from high resolution display.

  • Has nothing to do with high resolution display, happens to me too. It's a drag if you wanna arrange a couple of speed dials at the same time, but it's all in line if you close and reopen it (error doesn't last).

  • @Snowofmarch

    My native resolution is set at 1920 x 1080, or is yours set to a higher resolution?
    I have Windows 10 Pro 64-bit and Vivaldi 64-bit.
    In the screenshot you can see (where the red arrow points to), that I use small thumbnails.
    But I am unable to drag them around. Is that what you want?0_1488644766539_1.jpg

  • @Dietrich He is talking about speed dials, not the panel. And as said, it has nothing to do with high resolution and is likely platform independent.

  • @Snowofmarch

    I tried this myself by renaming a few favicons in the Speed Dial like A,B,C etc., just to make it easier to see if the location of each thumbnail becomes incorrect.
    But I can move them around as much as I want and they stay wherever I put them.
    If I misunderstood, I have no idea what you mean otherwise.

    0_1488677140962_Speed Dial.jpg

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    Thanks for all replies.
    My PC is Huawei Matebook, display is 12" (2160 x 1440 pixels). Windows zoom setting of display settings is set to 150% (default).
    I got 2 screen shots. The first one is during drag, and the second is after drop.


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    I have found that it also happens on other my PC of 1920x1200 pixels, 100% zoom. As @luetage mentioned.
    After I open other SpeedDial and back to first one, the location of thumbnails are all correct.

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    It appears to be a processing shortfall. More powerful systems do not have the problem.

    I was able to replicate on my 14-year-old Win7 machine if I had enough speed dials and tried to move them fast enough.

    With more optimization, the problem is likely to go away over time.

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